About Rockville Coin and Collectables

It’s a family affair. Since the early 1940’s the Bonomo family has been dealing in rare coins, fine artwork, antiques, and hard to find collectables. In 1976 they became dealers in precious metals and gem stones.

Now spanning four generations!

The modern day coin business has change drasticaly since the 1940's. The biggest changes were brought on by the internet. We started dealing on eBay back in 2001 and now have worked our way up to a Top Rated Power Seller. (eBay ID: rockvillecoin)

In 2008 they moved in at 118 West Ohio in Rockville. This is a special place since Uncle Homer had his music and coin shop here until the 1960’s and taught us the coin and music trade from here.

In 2009 Rockville Coin and Collectables added a full service jewelry repair department to better serve our customers.

Over seventy percent of sales are national, approximately two percent are international and the balance of sales are state and local.

Do not expect a huge expansive shop, rather an efficient small shop with knowledgeable, honest, and friendly service.

If you want to buy, sell, or trade, Rockville Coin and Collectables is worth the stop.

Of course if you just want to stop in and visit and look around awhile, that’s encouraged as well.